Cannabis as the Cure for Cancer: The Evidence So Far

You may already be aware of the fact that Cannabis has been used for medical and recreational purposes for a very long time. There has been a lot of debate regarding this topic. Many claim it to be effective in curing cancer, in addition to many common diseases, and cure cancer.


You may also have seen the rick Simpson cannabis oil on sale, also marketed as a viable treatment for health related issues. If you are looking for evidence to justify these claims, then read on:


Understanding Cannabinoids
You must first understand that Cannabinoids possess naturally active chemicals that are found within the plant itself. In short, they are protein molecules on the surface of the cells. Moreover we create Cannabinoid-like chemicals in our bodies as well. These chemicals are referred to as endocannabionoids, and have been discovered to function with cannabionoid receptors and control a vast array of functions in our bodies. The control ranges from controlling the brain, nerve activity, and even the heart function.


Can Cannabis Cure Cancer?
Based on many detailed experiments, it has been noted that cannabis does possess a wide array of functions that can assist in the elimination of cancer cells and the growth of the disease in the body. Some of the positive effects that have been noted during these experiments include:
•    It can trigger cell death, which occurs from a process referred to as apoptosis
•    The Cannabinoid receptors prevent cells from dividing
•    Prevents new and old blood vessels from growing into tumors
•    It can stop cells from affecting neighboring tissue, thus reducing the chances of cancer cells spreading throughout the body
•    It also speeds up the process of dead cells being disposed


Considering these findings, it is safe to say that the claims being made by rick Simpson oil reviews have some truth in them after all. Additionally it is quite important for extensive research to be carried out to find a perfect cure that has none of the side effects that come along with the consumption of cannabis.