Frequently Asked Questions about Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson oil is becoming extremely popular as an alternative cure for the life threatening disease, cancer. For years, scientists have worked to come up with a cure, but till date, there is believed to be no effective cure for cancer. However, with Rick Simpson’s oil entering the scene, there are people in large numbers claiming it cured their cancer. Nonetheless, there are still concerns amongst many people about its effectiveness and several unanswered questions. So, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Rick Simpson oil:


Rick simpson Oil

How Much to Use?
About 55 to 60ml is enough to cure most serious cancers, but since the oil is extremely potent, the treatment is most effective when started with small doses, increasing gradually over time. Start with a drop of oil, half the size of a grain of rice, and use it two to four times a day.  After a period of four days, increase your dosage slowly and you will notice as time goes by, your body will build up a higher tolerance level. The oil can also be applied externally, providing relief to injuries in a matter of minutes.


Will You Get Addicted To It?
Hemp oil is non-addictive and harmless. It’s effective for treating almost any kind of medical condition, without your body craving for it.


Can You Get High?
If you follow the prescribed dosage, most people can undergo the full treatment without getting high. However, when it comes to hemp, getting high is close to impossible because even if a person has taken too much, the effect wears off swiftly.


How Should I Use It?
Hemp oil can be used in three ways: ingested, vaporized or used topically. For external use, add hemp oil to salves and creams.


So, hopefully all your misconceptions and uncertainties will be cleared after going through these FAQs about Rick Simpson oil.