How to Make Rick Simpson Oil

Research studies have proven time and again that medical marijuana is useful in treating many dangerous and life threatening diseases. If you believe in the power of this herb and want to know how to make Rick Simpson oil, here are the steps that you need to follow.

Step #1: Dry the Plants
The first step you must take is to buy the best quality plant that you can afford and dry it. Because the best quality marijuana will produce the best Rick Simpson hemp oil, you must make it a point to start drying a large amount of it because the oil produced will be different from strain to strain.

Step #2: Mix in the Solvents
Decide on the solvent that you will be using for the process and start the first wash. Once you have successfully carried out the first wash, start with the second wash as this will help purify the oil properly. After you have finished washing the dry marijuana, filter it properly so that there are no unwanted materials in the Rick Simpson hash oil.

Step #3: Boil off the Solvents
Next, you need to start heating your mixture so that you are left with only the oils. Make sure that you keep an eye on the solution while it boils or else you may end up in a dangerous situation. Also keep the mixture away from cigarettes and other harmful fumes or the solution may react very badly.

Knowing how to make Rick Simpson oil will help you use it in the proper and best possible way. So remember these steps.