Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson has been generating a lot of buzz recently for his findings on how to treat cancer. Rick Simpson has a history with cancer himself and that is why he knows how to treat cancer effectively. Rick was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma in 2003. He did not want to go the general route which included surgery and other invasive procedures, so he did something different. He took it upon himself to extract oil from the cannabis plant and apply directly to the cancer on his skin. Rick had heard some talk about cannabis oil helping mice to beat cancer and so he determined that if it worked for mice, it would probably work for humans as well. Rick applied the Rick Simpson oil, put a bandage over it, and let it sit on his skin for 4 days. Much to his delight, after the 4 days were up, the cancer that had plagued Rick was now gone! He couldn’t believe that it applying cannabis Rick Simpson oil directly on top of his cancer made it vanish in such as short amount of time. Rick wanted to shout his findings off the rooftops, but to his dismay, no doctor would even listen to him, deciding that they did not want to hear about his amazing findings at curing cancer with cannabis Rick Simpson oil. Rick then decided that he wanted others to know about this wonderful discovery so they could cure themselves of skin cancer as well so he released a free documentary entitled, “Run from the Cure”. On his own, Rick has healed over 5000 people as well as all the others who have watched his documentary and achieved dramatic results on their own. There are many interviews all over the web and instructional websites which speak of Rick Simpson’s insurmountable discovery.